Our region, the Languedoc, has a rich winegrowing history spanning several centuries. For many years, we have been researching the historical grape varieties of the Languedoc, i.e. those grown before the phylloxera crisis in the 19th century. This adventure has led us to survey numerous vineyard conservatories and to plough through archives for hours.

By vinifying these heritage grape varieties, our aim is to help you rediscover the taste of Languedoc wines, by taking you on a journey through the viticultural history of Languedoc through our wines.  

We have thus rediscovered and planted some fifteen historic Languedoc grape varieties.

Piquepoul noir 2022

Terret noir 2022

Rivairenc 2022

Picardan 2022

Carignan blanc

Carignan noir 2020

Morrastel 2022

Terret blanc


Lledoner pelut